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Traffic Shaper

Traffic Shaper

Project objectives

Traffic Shaper aims to push forward the capabilities of modern satellite navigation systems before or during the creation of a driving route. The project merges driving route requests with the current traffic conditions in order to “shape” road vehicular flows so to avoid traffic jams, homogeneously distributing the flows among alternative routes.

Therefore, Traffic Shaper main objective is to remodel the road traffic in a centralized way, based on data collected from:

  • users positions, profiles, preferences and requested routes;
  • pre-existing real-time road traffic data;
  • - atmospheric and air quality data.

All these data will be analysed in a centralised way, creating an intelligent crowd-sourced traffic management.

Activities in Traffic Shaper

Traffic Shaper will create a large scale demonstrator as a mobile application. It will introduce a backend system that will serve as a real-time traffic data analyser and route solver. The application will be developed, published and tested to assess the real capabilities of the system.

The project as a whole will include GNSS and GMES technologies and will demonstrate how the mentioned technologies have the potential to meet real life transportation needs, leading to positive impacts in addressing smart, green and integrated road transport.

Therefore, the implementation will demonstrate the need, technical capabilities and impact of innovative mobile services based on GNSS, GMES and crowd sourced data, in turn creating the ideal conditions for a new service industry to explore.

The service shall allow users to travel more efficiently and safely along their route.

The activities foreseen will:

  • Develop a prototype for one pilot region ensuring the scalability to more regions in EU;
  • Provide safety services monitoring routes and giving advices on possible accidents or natural disasters along the travelled way.

Combining different data sources and information, integrated with location-based technologies that will converge into a unique database will be the challenging part of the project. For this reason, specific requirements of the demonstrator will be addressed in the set up phase of the project and continuous iterations between the data providers and the application developers will be foreseen.

Actors involved

ANCI, the project coordinator, that represents the regional association of the Cities in Umbria will guarantee a wide range of stakeholders coming from the Italian municipalities.

Innova and Encadre will involve stakeholders at EU level and in the specific sector of satellite services (Encadre), particularly in the dissemination activity.

The main actors to be involved will regard stakeholders active in security and emergency issues, local public administrations, professional agencies, and sectorial companies.

The project consortium will also benefit from the presence of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute for the interoperability testing of the Traffic Shaper mobile service.

Expected outcomes and impacts

The main outcome will be the proof of the system’s ability aiming at reducing and preventing traffic, whilst simultaneously lowering carbon emissions and reducing the costs of transport and individuals and businesses time, all of which have an impact on the local economy. In addition, the project will provide a demonstration to other hotspots of the impact and success of intelligent transport systems.


  Website Name of organisation Country
www.anci.it  ANCI ITALY
Short description of key activities ANCI is the Italian Association of Municipalities. It is the lead partner in the consortium and will take responsibility for coordinating the project, communicating with the European Commission and ensuring good project management and delivery of results to a high standard and on time. Furthermore, ANCI will be promoting the service through the Italian municipalities and will therefore be responsible for the well and efficient functioning of the project.
  www.encadre.net  ENCADRE FRANCE
Short description of key activities ENCADRE stands for "European Network of Clusters for Satellite Applications Development". It focuses on satellite communication, satellite navigation and earth observation market segments.
  http://www.innova-eu.net/  INNOVA ITALY
Short description of key activities INNOVA is a private company specialized in Technology Transfer services and R&D project financing. INNOVA assists industrial and research organizations in the implementation of their innovation strategies for the assessment and exploitation of advanced technologies and the valorization of R&D results. Its mission is to enhance competitiveness by bridging Research and Industry through Technology Transfer & Exploitation and Venture capital support.
  www.cfli.it  CFLI ITALY
Short description of key activities CFLI is the Consortium for the Intermodal and Logistics Training is the training structure owned by the Venice port Authority. CFLI will be active in the logistics implementation of the system and will provide parks cars (particularly trucks) to be used for testing and demonstration phase. CFLI will support the identification the requirement of system.


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