Emmia Report
Policy Learning Platform
Concrete Actions

The mobile citizen as a skilled employee, collaborator and consumer

Target group is: 

  • EMMIA will touch all EU citizens‘ lives, both private and work ones. EMMIA will seek the communication with and the feedback from final users of mobile services.

Mobile services will change the way we live: be it our business life, leisure time or how we interact with authorities and administrations, the way we integrate ourselves and blend into society.

Benefits for CITIZENS:

EMMIA contributes to the development of an environment which the citizens perceive as secure, easily manageable, well-arranged, friendly, and motivating.

  • Satisfied citizens with easy/cheaper/faster/new etc. PUBLIC services they have all the time they need.
  • Citizens feel proud of having such opportunities/services compared with other regions/countries 
  • They live in a well-managed environment.


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