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Micael Gustafsson

Region: Sweden: Malmö
Organisation:   Cluster 55°
EMMIA PLP: Founding member (Working Group Leader: Large-scale demonstrators and interoperability)

Micael is the present managing director of Cluster55, which is a network organization in the cross boarder region between Sweden and Denmark developing the ICT industry there. He works with boosting innovations in the region, the transfer of technology to industry and branding of the region as the strongest ICT concentration in Europe. 

Micael has a very strong industry background and has started several companies of his own. He has been active in different types of industry from the automotive industry to knowledge based consultancy firms. Micaels main focus areas has been sales and marketing combined with business development. He has excellent skills in developing businesses within the ICT sector and how to internationalize start ups and SME:s.

During the latest years he has been very engaged in encouraging young people to choose to start their own business and also to use their creative skills in order to develop both industry and society.  He has also built up the knowledge around Open Innovation and Living Labs in the Øresund region.

Tomas Lindroth

Region: Sweden: Trollhättan
Organization: University West

Tomas Lindroth is the program manager of digital media at University West. He is about to finish his PhD. within Information Systems Research at Gothenburg University and holds a Master degree in Informatics.  He spent the late 90th in the US web and knowledge management industry followed by 10 years’ of research within the field of mobility and mobile services. Tomas is married, has two sons and is living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the last five years Tomas has been on the advisory board of several educational programs within Informatics, Digital Media and Mobile Services as a subject matter expert on mobile use patterns, social media and mobility. He has published extensively on mobile services and social interaction.

As a researcher within digital media and mobile informatics Tomas has been an evangelist of the digital convergence of society in general of higher education in particular. He is a regular public speaker on the digital transformation of higher education. Tomas is manager of research in the M-City project.

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