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Soaré Praha

2014-06-11 - 2014-06-12

Galileo Soireé

Have you unique Idea how to use the Satellite Navigation or just missing any aplication in your mobile phone that could use satellite navigation?

Have you found any niche on market that Satellite navigation could figure out?

Help someone and let him work and live easily. Make someone's job easier with your innovation.

You don't need to be IT specialist to win € 3 500 a € 20 000!
We evaluate only your IDEA or draft.
Capture your chance and let's come be inspired by last winners.

We will tell you how to submit your idea. Moreover, you will have a chance to consult your ideas during our Soirée.

We are looking forward to seeing new Galileo Master at Jana Palacha Square!

More information at website: www.bic-rtd.cz

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