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Sustainable Services for GMES and GNSS in Mobile and Mobility

Project objectives 

The goal of S2G2M2  (Sustainable Services for GMES and GNSS in Mobile and Mobility) is to support innovative mobile service providers to benefit from the European satellite navigation systems (Galileo and EGNOS) and data derived from the European Earth observation programme Copernicus, which was previously known as GMES. Its pan-European approach ensures that the relevant SME community has access to support mechanisms regardless of their geographic location or size.

Key objectives of the S2G2M2 are: 

  • implementing a voucher scheme across Europe by:
  • providing application-oriented support services related to business and innovation
  • enabling access to various forms of innovation support knowledge 
  • promoting and facilitating the further use of Copernicus and/or GNSS data for mobile service industries 
  • catalysing matchmaking and synergies between different regions in different CIP countries


S2G2M2 involves establishing tools, methods, and services specifically tailored to the needs of technology-based companies and potential entrepreneurs in the field of GNSS/Copernicus. It aims to support innovative mobile services providers including those without a background in using space signals. This will be achieved through:

  • Implementing a Voucher scheme:  service vouchers for technical, business, and legal consulting for  European SMEs, start-up companies and entrepreneurs who develop mobile services using satellite navigation and Earth observation data
  • Running an App Camp where mobile developers shall work together on the development of mobile applications exploiting both Copernicus and GNSS
  • Organising roadshows and conferences: events to bring together service providers and SMEs showcasing existing space-based services
  • Organising transnational policy learning workshops
  • Organising match-making events
  • Providing access to finance and other funding opportunities

These activities will support mobile service providers with business support methodologies, access to experts, information about Copernicus core data or EGNOS/Galileo satellite signals, and good practices in of satellite data based innovation.

Upcoming events /activities

European Space Solutions conference: 5th to 7th of  November 2013; www.space-solutions.eu 
Space App Camp 2014: Pre-registration now open atwww.app-camp.eu 
SpaceMatch 2014: (date to be confirmed)
Call for Expression of Interest for  “Copernicus and GNSS Business & Innovation” Experts: http://ebnprojects.eu/s2g2m2/ 

Actors involved (as representatives of stakeholders on a regional and national level)

Expected outcomes and impacts

The activities of S2G2M2 shall result in a broader knowledge of how to benefit from GNSS and Copernicus in the mobile service industries. 

The pan-European S2G2M2 voucher scheme shall enable young companies to get the most suitable support from any service provider despite of geographical location. The goal is to develop companies with more entrepreneurial spirit, a larger partner network, and better access to international markets, secured intellectual property rights and larger knowledge on how to receive funding. The App Camp is intended to show how mobile developers can successfully use Galileo/Copernicus. Integrated GNSS/ Copernicus conferences and regional roadshows shall contribute to increasing the awareness for the potential of space technologies among non-space SMEs.

S2G2M2 partners

  Website Name of organisation Country
www.spaceoffice.nl  The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) Netherlands
Short description of key activities NSO is the Netherlands’ governement representative at international space organisations like ESA and NASA and also forms the central point of contact for the space community within the Netherlands. Moreover, NSO has the educational objective of telling the story of space (science, applications and exploration) in an open and innovative manner to the general public. 
  www.anwendungszentrum.de  Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO) Germany
Short description of key activities The activities of Anwendungszentrum focus on supporting company foundations and commercial applications based on aerospace technologies and infrastructures. AZO has so far supported 66 start-ups in recent years, which places them among the most successful incubation programmes involving the commercial use of space technologies and infrastructures. In coordinating Europe's two leading innovation networks for the space programmes Galileo (satellite navigation) and Copernicus (Earth observation), AZO also supports the development of more than 500 new business and product innovations every year.
  www.ebn.eu  The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) Belgium
Short description of key activities The European Business & Innovation Centre Network (EBN) is currently the leading non-governmental pan-European network with a unique Quality System incorporates 150 BICs and 100 additional business support organisations in Europe and beyond accelerating innovative entrepreneurship at territorial levels through the customized delivery of professional support & incubation services addressed to innovative start-ups, spin-off, entrepreneurs and SMEs.



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