Emmia Report
Policy Learning Platform
Concrete Actions

Public sector

Target groups are:

  • Local, municipal, and regional policy decision makers;
  • Supporters of mobile and mobility service industries linked to the public sector, committed to make small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more competitive;
  • Local, municipal, and regional politicians

They are the main beneficiaries for the outputs of the EMMIA policy learning platform. They will be able to use outputs for their regional fruitful strategic development based on mobility industries.

Beneficiary for PUBLIC sector:

Level of Policy Decision Makers:

  • Their regional strategy (or its revision) follows new citizens and business demands in the sense of H2020 (strategy reflecting EU competitiveness trends)
  • They are part of a trend setting region in the EU: attractive for more new investors - mainly global companies in mobility industries (business support)
  • They share the strategy with other EMMIA regions and in this way - develop cross-country and cross-industry value chains and applications.
  • They have a tool and know how to develop cross-country and cross-industry activities (using the EMMIA initiative “LARGE SCALE DEMOSTRATORS - REAL LIVE TESTING”)
  • They have a tool  to open financial sources for  EMMIA projects in  mobility industries (using the EMMIA initiative “ACCESS TO FINANCE”)

Politicians’ level:

  • They have new strategic tools to create more jobs in emerging industries (trendy regional strategy for more jobs)
  • They have the tool to attract global companies to enter their region’s eco-system supporting new and competitive value chains  (more jobs and reputation for the region worldwide)
  • They represent a MODERN and GROWING region in mobility industries (trend setting region)
  • They directly develop new special services for easy business access for current and new SMEs (SMEs local impact)
  • They offer to citizens new applications for better life (sustainable and attractive living conditions for citizens)


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