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frontierCities - European Cities Driving the Future Internet

Topic: Smart Mobility applications and solutions for cities using FIWARE technologies

FIWARE technologies Deadline: 16/12/2015 Budget: € 3,920,000  

Specific Challenge

The cities of today face significant challenges as they attempt to manage sharp population increases. By 2030, 6 out of every 10 people will live in a city and by 2050 this figure will rise to 7 out of every 10. In the past, cities have made infrastructural investments such as improved roads, motor-ways, undergrounds, trams and rail, as a mechanism to manage mass transit of these population shifts. However new trends are beginning to emerge as cities utilize innovative ICT solutions to solve their mobility problems. For example the city of Copenhagen has used ICT solutions in creating an integrated public transportation system, Barcelona has introduced smart parking applications, Vienna has developed the mobility solution “eMorail” and Dublin has implemented an Intelligent Traffic Lights system.
As part of the Europe 2020 Strategy the EU has committed itself to promote the development of smart cities and to invest in the necessary ICT infrastructure and capital necessary to spear-head a transformation in how cities operate. The overall objective of frontierCities is to bring the benefits of FIWARE-enabled Smart Mobility applications to cities as well as enhancing the quality of life for the citizens that reside in them.

Value proposition

FrontierCities offers excellent funding support and business development support to SMEs, Web-developers and Start–ups located across Europe.

1) Funding Support: Access to EU Grant funding between EUR 50,000 (min.) to EUR 150,000 (max.) in a simplified and non-bureaucratic manner.
2) Technical Support: Providing a full-scale programme of assistance to successful grantee projects during the frontierCities grant cycle, including technology advice and support, acceleration support to speed up applications development and user testing. This includes support in working with FIWARE and its generic enablers from our technology specialists.
3) Business Development & Market-Uptake Support: Providing a full-scale market uptake and commercialisation support programme, where we will work intensively with successful applicants to work towards market uptake and/or commercialisation of their Smart Mobility application or service

An individual application is capped at having 3 partners. Where an application has one or more applicants the total grant amount will not exceed EUR 150,000. If you apply as a group with one or two other applicants there will only be one grant agreement signed. 


FrontierCities will select between 25-75 Smart Mobility projects for funding, and the funded projects will be supported to secure market uptake and commercialisation of their technological applications and services to both cities and wider private sector up-takers and enablers such as corporations and investors.

FrontierCities will prioritise calls which focus on:

  • On-demand and dynamic public transportation services

  • Promoting energy efficiency and environmental protection

  • Effortless ticketing and billing systems

  • Integrated multi-modal transportation solutions

  • Security and safety for urban public transport

  • Quick and efficient emergency response transportation support

  • Dynamic resource allocation transportation systems

  • Integration of Smart Mobility solutions with GIS Systems

  • Systems for indoor and outdoor localisation and location aware services

  • Integration of mobility services with personalized mobile social networks

  • Enhancing tourism and visitor mobility

  • Improving the quality of life for citizens with mobility issues (e.g. elderly, disabilities.)


1) Application Process – Step 1 (Open to all eligible applicants)Deadline: 16 February 2015

A streamlined application process covering 5 core questions about your smart mobility idea:

The Problem, The Solution, The Technology, The Market, The People.

2) Application Process – Step 2 (for Successful Step 1 proposals) Deadline: 14 March 2015

Successful Step 1 proposals will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal for Step 1, which will:

1. Be no more than 15 pages in length

2. Include a detailed marketing and exploitation plan

3. Contain a deliverables schedule on business model, market uptake action plan, prototype and feasibility plan and testing phase

4. Contain a detailed budget

5. Make reference to the relevant experience and track record of the applicant

6. Include a summary biography of key project staff

7. Outline project timeline and milestones

Expected impact

FrontierCities will introduce Future Internet FIWARE technologies to European SMEs, Start-Ups and Web-Developers in order to foster the development of FIWARE enabled technology within cities.

The frontierCities market uptake and commercialisation support programme will start during the initial stages of the grant cycle and include:
1) An orientation programme and project Start-Up boot camp (Mobilisation Bootcamp), providing education, mobilisation and inspiration across the technology and business dimensions of your Smart Mobility project.
2) Ongoing support from the frontierCities team of technical advisors.
3) Ongoing support from the frontierCities commercialisation team, including support for working on the market-uptake plan.
These three elements will therefore enable successful applicants to not only develop and deploy an application in a city but will also assist the their long-term business development prospects.

For further information see website on this link .

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