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Organisation: ENCADRE

Web: www.encadre.net  State and Place: Sophia Antipolis, France



ENCADRE stands for "the European Network of Clusters for satellite Applications Development in Regions of Europe" which documents the enlarged action of ENCADRE focusing on satellite navigation (Galileo) and earth observation (GMES) market segments. ENCADRE is a joint initiative of EC DG Ent and ESA TTPO. A permanent Secretariat was established starting on April 1st, 2009 with offices in Munich and Sophia Antipolis and after a signature of a 2 years contract with ESA-TTPO as co-funding entity.

All cluster related projects (16 clusters are members) and working commission work (3 working commissions) are funded by cluster funding, which has already been secured by in-kind contributions as part of the EC accepted proposal for the establishment of this permanent Secretariat.

Role in the EMMIA Consortium

Set-up and coordination of the platform plus subcontracting to living lab support.

Contact: Philippe Moretto

General Secretary ENCADRE

European Network of Clusters for satellites Applications
Development in Regions of Europe 
CICA (International Center for Advanced Communication)
2229, route des Crêtes
F – 06560 Sophia Antipolis


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