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Mobilise Capital for Mobile and Mobility 

Project objectives

MOBICAP will tackle the funding gap for early-stage mobile and mobility industries by:

  • creating an ecosystem for investment readiness coaching and evaluation 
  • developing a tailored seed fund and identifying co-investment best practices
  • stimulating the participation of private and public capital


The MOBICAP team investigates and maps supply and demand side in EU financing for mobile and mobility. Through 
dialogue with enabling technology providers, start-ups, coaches, intermediaries and finance providers, the MOBICAP team will yield an overview of today's financing needs and available instruments.  

At the same time, and by identifying industry, market and geography hotspots the team will derive requirements for coaching, finance and other instruments. These requirements will then feed into the definition and implementation of new mobility dedicated financing instruments such as tailored seed funding and co-investment concepts. 

Insights from the market analysis will help to provide input for the design of the coaching community as well as supporting online tools. Several team members will organise tailored matchmaking roadshows to provide opportunities for mobile and mobility start-ups and SMEs to meet investors and apply the new instruments in practice.

Actors involved (as representatives of stakeholders on a regional and national level)

Throughout, MOBICAP will be involving actors from different parts of the funding chain. The following actors already expressed their interest in the project:  Atlante Ventures (Italy), Bayern Kapital (Germany), ESA Technology Transfer Programme (Netherlands), European TechTour Association, High-Tech Gründerfonds (Germany), Navteq.

Expected outcomes and impacts

The expected impact of MOBICAP on the situation of target groups and stakeholders is as follows:


  • Specialised self-assessment tools for sel- calibration of financing options in the seed stage
  • Coaching and “Smart capital” from investors who understand the sector’s entrepreneur AND the finance world
  • Opportunities to pitch at investors with knowledge and interest of the sector
  • Access to powerful industry partners in mobile and mobility sector

Intermediaries (Incubators, Event Organisers, Clusters) 

  • Specialised tools and fund partner for this sector
  • More investment-ready companies for matchmaking events
  • A proven coaching network to tap for investment readiness training and advice

Finance stakeholders (VCs, Corporate VCs, Business Angels)

  • Specialised seed fund for early stage co-investment in attractive deal-flow
  • Opportunity for systematic teaming beyond home geography for active business angels
  • Efficient pre-filtering of investment-ready relevant innovations for (corporate) VCs
  • Opportunities for systematic co-investment for Corporate VCs and Investors

Consortium partners

  Website Name of organisation Region / Country
www.spaceteccapital.com  SpaceTec Capital Partners Germany
Short description of key activities SpaceTec Capital Partners is a private advisory and investment company. Established in 2007, the company operates in the Space, Geo Information /Telematics Business from its offices in Munich and Brussels. Business areas are “Capital”, “Coaching” and “Consulting”. STCP acts as early stage investor – often with a co-investment strategy and coaching concept.
  www.eai.eu  European Alliance for Innovation Belgium
Short description of key activities The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) is a grassroots organisation initiated through cooperation between businesses, public, private and government organizations to address the global challenges of Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation. EAI focuses on societal issues and application areas of greatest potential for ICT-driven innovations.
  www.intesasanpaolo.com  Intesa Sanpaolo Italy
Short description of key activities Intesa Sanpaolo is a leading banking groups in the Europe with a market capitalisation of 30 billion euro and leader in Italy in all business areas (retail, corporate and wealth management). ISP will bring in MOBICAP the strong expertise of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in supporting early-stage and start-ups initiatives.
  www.filas.it  FILAS S.P.A. Italy
Short description of key activities FILAS S.P.A. is the Financial Investment Agency of Regione Lazio, with the mission of promoting development for high growth potential SMEs and innovation. Filas supports through different financing schemes (VC, grants, loans) companies from high tech sectors and manages high tech clusters.
  www.wipconnector.com  WIP United Kingdom
Short description of key activities WIP Connector is a marketing agency specialised in building mobile developer communities. WIP supports its customers in understanding the mobile start-up community and devise activities, messages and products that will raise their profile and fruitful collaboration with this community. WIP has become a globally recognised and respected brand in providing services and thought leadership to the mobile developer ecosystem.


Project coordinator contact details

Rainer Horn

Managing Partner 

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