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Europeana Creative Design Challenge

Topic: Innovative mobile e-government applications by SMEs

Deadline: 15/01/2015 20:00 CET


Europeana Creative Design Challenge

Europeana Creative is pleased to announce its 5th and final challenge encouraging YOU to design and submit products, applications and designs that reuse Europeana content in the theme of Design.

The aim of the Europeana Creative - Design Challenge is to engage designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs to explore and experiment with with cultural heritage content available in Europeana.

We challenge ingenious minds and makers to rethink and redesign our common culture, and produce innovative and novel interpretations that make use of digital cultural content and data sourced from Europeana or Europeana Labs. The Europeana API allows you to access 2000+ collections and incorporate them into apps, games, products and websites. You can even create mash-ups when connecting Europeana's API with other sources or APIs. The possibilities are endless!

What should you create?

We welcome a wide range of works for the Challenge, and appreciate contemporary and creative approaches to the digital cultural heritage materials. For example, including but not limited to results of digital fabrication, media art, design objects, web/mobile applications and services.

Please keep in mind that the submitted works must re-use materials that are sourced through Europeana.

Where to find content and inspiration?

In order to help inspire you Europeana Creative has developed a pilot application to demonstrate the things you can do with Europeana content and a little bit of imagination.

Culture Cam  has been developed by partners Spild af Tid  & AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology  as the design theme pilot; a “live” digital similarity tool that takes you on a playful journey into the fascinating collections within Europeana by using your web camera. You can easily scan an object, and Culture Cam  captures and analyzes it and comes up with search results of similar color, shape or pattern. This pilot is still in its demo phase so please watch this space for more information.

To discover further pilots that have been developed over the course of the project (in natural history and history education, social networks and tourism) click here . Ideas and examples of creative re-use are also available on the Europeana Creative blog . Find out about our previous Challenge winners from the 1st  and 2nd  Rounds.

Additionally, why not explore Europeana Labs .

Registration at this link: http://ecreativedesign2015.istart.org/profile/add 

For further information go at: http://ecreativedesign2015.istart.org/#sthash.rWvuhOEy.dpuf 


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