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Enterpreneurs, SMEs and changing business models

Target groups are:

  • Key stakeholders of new emerging industries like start ups, SMEs, trend setting companies and corporations pushing innovative services linked to mobile services on top of mobility infrastructures

Mobile services are already changing the way we work. Traditional business models are changing to new ways of financing ventures as well as to new ways of reaching and satisfying the customer. Customers will have more say in designing the services they need via direct feedback and opinion polls directly delivered to their service providers making us all part of a big living lab. Work itself is no longer linked to a fixed office, but we work on the move always linked to the data we need. This change will transform the business life we are used to.

Variety of complex applications is going to open new value chains with cross-industry impacts. Collected data about citizens mobility are very often owned by cities/regions and free access to them opens development for both single industry application (for instance just for automotive – simple info “where I am”) and complex ones (data collected by car drivers can be used for roads plan repairs, traffic jam predictions and green sustainable solutions in urban development). Such large-scale public data collecting is very attractive for global industry players.

Benefits for ENTREPRENEURS and SMEs:

  • New public activities (data collecting, free data access) open for SMEs more new business challenges (pro-active environment for new initiatives/projects/products)
  • Entrepreneurs stay in the region because of a fruitful ecosystem they can explore (good for their business, jobs attractiveness)
  • They see that the local government is open for new, creative solutions and for interactive development of road maps in mobility industries (anchor for sustainable market and business activities)
  • They can do local business with cross-regional and cross-industrial impacts – with global mobility industries players
  • Sophisticated regional strategic plans open the way for SMEs to be the part of new PPP regional initiatives


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