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European Mobile and Mobility industries Investment programme

Projec objectives

  • To collect and disseminate a map with sources of funding and web base of all tracked learning highlights of the project.
  • To implement a coaching platform with 120 SME entrepreneurs and 40 expert coaches – the goal is that 30 of the companies coached raise EUR 0,5 million funding each or a total of EUR 15 million raised.
  • To develop and roll-out an effective mobile investor experience exchange platform with at least 180 investors signing up and 18 speakers at dedicated webinars,  including 20 investors signing up for portfolio online peer reviews. To mobilize the coached entrepreneurs and investors on online company presentations or existing investment forums.
  • To assess,  design and test cross-border funding facilities with specialist investment groups and mobilise at least 6 investment funds to collaborate on co-investment and growth support, matching at least 15 co-investments mobilizing EUR 15 million.
  • To involve at least 6 innovation agencies and 6 investment groups to develop and roll out the cross-border coaching and investment programmes on a self-sustaining basis.


Information Track: The project will realize the mapping of existing financing opportunities for innovative mobile service companies building upon existing studies. The project website will provide highlights of the results, key events, participants and success stories of the different work packages.

Coaching Track: New advanced coaching schemes will be developed and tested that will fast-track investment and growth readiness of mobile and mobility service companies through a combination of peer group seminars/webinars, assignments and expert and peer group feedback and including a “train the trainers” scheme.   

Investor Track: This Track will raise the awareness among the investors community through a webinar expert programme , as well as investor portfolio review peer group sessions and access to existing successful investment matching programmes such as the ESA Investment Forum or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Investment Facility Track: This Track will define and test pragmatic cross-border co-investment facilities with existing investment groups, seed&angel initiatives and funding sources and rolling these out to the benefit of companies and investors supported. There is already interest from institutional and regional investors who will be involved in the Platform Track.

Platform Track: A platform of strong partners both involving regional innovation partners and/or investment groups will be involved throughout the project. This will ensure that the project’s coaching and investment facility results are used and rolled-out.
Actors involved (not the consortium partners)
The consortium will be able to count on the support of investors and entrepreneurs that have been identified through the continuing business of its partner organizations. On the investor side, it can count on (among others) Vera Venture, Caixa Capital, the European Space Agency, and the Flemish Interdisciplinary institute for BroadBand Technology (IBBT), organizations who have supplied a letter of support, showing their intent to becoming actively involved in the execution of the EMMINVEST project.

Expected outcomes and impacts

  1. The Mobile and mobility SMEs will grow, especially across the borders, by gaining access to training, funds and investment networks through the web based information system on financing possibilities, the training seminars and their participation in the Investment Network & Cluster.
  2. The Investment organizations will gain access to a professional network and in promising investments through the webinar programmes, the networking and the development of a funding facility and a cluster platform.
  3. The Innovation agencies will improve their capabilities and knowledge to guide local companies and also their access to other international investors and innovation agencies through their participation in the cluster platform.
    Quotation (why this initiative, what do you expect to gain from it & name, function & organisation of quotee)
    “EMMINVEST will establish the framework for a new European funding and financing facility that can act as an initiator and lead investor for investment in the mobile and mobility industries on a broad European scale”
     Angelos Manglis, President & Managing Director of Atlantis Consulting, Project Coordinator.

Consortium partners


Name of organisation

Region / Country
www.atlantisresearch.gr  Atlantis Consulting S.A Greece

Short description of key activities

Focus on mapping investment sources and coordination as well as designing the cross-border co-investment facilities
  www.e-unlimited.com  Europe Unlimited Belgium
Short description of key activities Focus on managing the Coaching and Investor Awareness programmes
  www.ebn.eu  EBN Belgium
Short description of key activities Focus on involving SMEs, experts and incubators in the Coaching programmes
  www.acc10.cat  ACCIÓ Catalunya
Short description of key activities Focus on involving SMEs, experts and incubators from its own region and bringing in other regional agencies
  www.spi.pt  SPI Portugal
Short description of key activities

Focus on designing the cross-border co-investment facilities and bringing in investors and using the facilities for its own Portuguese SMEs


 EMMINVEST Press Release

Project coordinator contact details

Angelos Manglis

President & Managing Director, Atlantis Consulting S.A.

E-mail: amanglis@atlantisresearch.gr


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