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Czech Republic

Pavel Vokáč

Region: Czech Republic: Brno
Organisation:   BIC R&D s.r.o.
EMMIA PLP: Founding member

Ing. Pavel Vokáč, MBA., CSc., is on CEO position in BIC R&D s.r.o., Brno – research organization which is focused on experimental development on social sciences and humanities.

His responsibilities are tied with business and innovation iniciatives for innovation management and long-term strategic companies development  in Czech and foreign market focused in to Galileo, down stream satellite apps., mobile services and trend settings development. He is a member of the Executive board of AMSP with impact to SMEs  activities in CZ.

Since 2001 he has been dealing with strategy management and market development in large scale construction projects.

Since 2010 he has been managing director of BIC Brno, spol. s.r.o.

Milan Kaděra

Region: Czech republic: Prague
Organisation: Czech Republic Ministry of Transport
EMMIA PLP: Expert (Working Group:  Business Innovation Support)

Mr. Milan Kaděra, Ministerial Counsellor of the Czech Ministry of Transport, is responsible for communication with domestic industry, involved at space sector. Sinse 1999 as a head of sales of the company producing security systems, he was managing domestic sales and export, beginning 2004 he became sales and technical manager for security technologies representing international company COOPER in Czech Republic , later involved at ICT products and ITS systems. In frame of the ITS activities, the main focus was implementation of the intelligent parking systems and Fiber-optic network.

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