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Call for Expression of Interest for "Copernicus and GNSS Business & Innovation" Experts

We need innovation experts: What for? 

We are recruiting innovation experts across Europe who can deliver innovative business support to  companies working on innovative mobile services via a pilot Innovation Voucher Scheme.  Individuals, companies and support organisations can apply, in each case we are  requesting individual expert profiles; knowledge providers with demonstrable experience of assisting companies from a broad range of Copernicus (Earth observation) and Galileo/EGNOS  (satellite navigation) domains. 

Innovation Vouchers? 

Innovation voucher schemes can be considered as the delivery of innovation support services by  third parties to innovators through grants, with reduced administrative burden for recipients and  providers of the service.

How do they work?

The S2G2M2 project will launch soon a Call for Expression of Interest to identify entrepreneurs, start-ups and companies working in the Mobile and Mobility sectors around Europe who could potentially benefit from business and technical innovation support.The companies’ requests will be evaluated and an independent panel (Advisory Board of the S2G2M2 project) will select up to 25 projects to be supported via the voucher schemeThese projects will receive a voucher up to the value of 5000 €. This voucher will be exchanged for business/technical support to be delivered by an expert/consultant from the S2G2M2 Expert Pool.

Get to know more online at: ebnprojects.eu/s2g2m2/ 

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