Emmia Report
Policy Learning Platform
Concrete Actions


Starting joint initiatives (twinning), mutual learning, peer reviewing as well as mobilising structural funds between the platform’s regional stakeholders to continuously improve on innovation policies and strategic plans for mobile & mobility industries.

Publishing of open “Call for Expression of Interest (EoI)” targeted at the most engaged and ambitious regions and cities in Europe to support and lead mobile & mobility services and join up with them for the strategic plan for mobile & mobility industry in Europe.
Organising a minimum of two regular meetings of the Policy Learning Platform and its three workgroups on “business innovation support”, “access to finance” and “standards & interoperability”.
Bringing together and trying to co-ordinate already existing initiatives and private-public partnerships in the support of mobile & mobility industries in Europe.

Actors involved (not the consortium partners)

  • Policy makers from 15+ additional European regions / cities engaged in mobile & mobility initiatives reached via Call for EoI
  • Members of advisory board from European institutions like EC, ESA, GSA, ETSI and mobile & mobility industry stakeholders
  • ENCADRE and NEREUS member regions

Expected outcomes and impacts

Strategic plan to bring mobile & mobility industries in Europe into a globally leading position consisting of roadmaps and master plans in:

  • Support of the next forms of business innovation
  • Incubation and access to finance
  • Standards & interoperability
  • Build web platform for information exchange as well as for SME support in mobile & mobility industries
  • Channel input above into “Green Paper on mobile & mobility services in Europe”
  • Address policy makers in mobile & mobility industries in Europe in a way they understand
  • Start building up of living labs / user forums linked to cities & regions as a demand driver for innovative services
  • Initialise ten joint activities as part of the implementation of the strategic plan with the extended consortium of 20+ European regions.
  • Create a leverage effect on new initiatives of a factor of 10 to 30 relative to the project’s support by the European Union


“Mobile & mobility is a big chance for SMEs in our clusters to link up with GALILEO and EGNOS”

Philippe Moretto, Secretary General, ENCADRE

“We like to push modern and sustainable ecosystems supporting SMEs related to mobile & mobility industries in single EU market. The new GSA location in Prague opens for us unique opportunities to become a trend-setting region in mobile & mobility services”

Pavel Vokáč, CEO, BIC R&D, Brno

“Mobile & mobility services support the economic, societal and political evolution of Europe”

 Paul Bhatia, CEO, GRACE, Nottingham

“The future is mobile”

Jürgen Vogel, co-ordinator, EMMIA PLP

“European citizens will benefit from various mobile & mobility services in their daily life!”

Franceso Filippi, Prof. for Transport, University of Roma – La Sapienza

“Mobile & mobility services enable new ways of living and working together, both in professional as well as in private life”

Micael Gustafsson, CEO, cluster 55°, Oresund

“User fora focused on leisure & tourism support SMEs and are at the avant-garde of modern mobile tourism”

Bernhard Schmidt, CEO, bavAIRia e.V., Oberpfaffenhofen.


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